No Water Day


Well, I have to admit that I didn’t take it really really seriously
when people said that the resources are limited and don’t take it for
granted. But knowing is not believing. It’s not that I don’t
understand. It’s not that I don’t appreciate. It’s just that my
emotional part — feelings are not with my rational part — thinkings.
Not until today, because I carelessly ignored the notice of the water
shutdown without preserving some water for use. So I have to
cautiously use the remaining water in my small pitcher for today,
mainly for drinking and some inevitable usage. So I do feel
(emotionally) what the limited resources mean. Then it turned out to
make me use the water in a more efficient way.

Seriously I’m thinking if I should periodically restrict my access to
my access to some resources. Just so I may feel, not just understand,
what “limited” means. How about limited internet access for a day or
two? Limited money expense for a week? Maybe not just me, it should be
extend to organizations, companies, businesses or enterprises,
especially those with abundant resources and somehow wasting a lot of

So who’s with me?

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